I've added an N-Body Gravitational Simulation Pane and enhanced the Composite Quark Hadron Model Pane

The N-Body Gravitational Simulation (not yet complete) uses Mathematica’s OpenCL GPU computing capability to simulate standard (Solar System), GR (Black Hole Centered Galaxy formation), Large Scale Universal Structure, and Quantum GR (Big Bang Inflationary) physics.

I’ve consolidated the Meson/Baryon panes into a single Hadron pane that now includes the formation of the recently validated TetraQuark Hadrons.

Please see ToE_Demonstration.cdf or as an interactive web page) that takes you on an integrated visual journey from the abstract elements of hyper-dimensional geometry, algebra, particle and nuclear physics, and on to the atomic elements of chemistry. It requires the free Mathematica CDF plugin (25 Mb). ToE_Demonstration.nb is the same as CDF except it includes file I/O capability not available in the free CDF player. This requires a full Mathematica license (25 Mb).







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