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ToE_Demonstration-Lite.cdf Latest: 08/15/2016 (10 Mb). This is a lite version of the full Mathematica version 11 demonstration in .CDF below (or as an interactive-Lite web page) (4 Mb). It only loads the first 8 panes and the last UI pane which doesn’t require the larger file and load times. It requires the free Mathematica CDF plugin.

This version of the ToE_Demonstration-Lite.nb (13 Mb) is the same as CDF except it includes file I/O capability not available in the free CDF player. This requires a full Mathematica license.

ToE_Demonstration.cdf Latest: 08/15/2016 (110 Mb). This is a Mathematica version 11 demonstration in .CDF (or as an interactive web page) (130 Mb) takes you on an integrated visual journey from the abstract elements of hyper-dimensional geometry, algebra, particle and nuclear physics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Chaos Theory and Fractals, quantum relativistic cosmological N-Body simulations, and on to the atomic elements of chemistry (visualized as a 4D periodic table arranged by quantum numbers). It requires the free Mathematica CDF plugin.

This version of the ToE_Demonstration.nb (140 Mb) is the same as CDF except it includes file I/O capability not available in the free CDF player. This requires a full Mathematica license.

E8 Particle Assignment Symmetry 03/24/2015. An .html version of a .ppt (or .pps or .pdf) that explains the detail of the particle assignment symmetries contained in MyToE. A complete algorithmically assigned particle list is here.
E8toH4fold.pdf Latest: 12/19/2014. This paper presents detail on the matrix I found several years ago (as shown on the Wikipedia Quasicrystal and Rhombic Triacontahedron pages), which relates the crystallographic E8 to the non-crystallographic H4 (600 cell). It also presents various techniques for visualizing a split real even E8 representation in 2 and 3 dimensions using this E8 to H4 folding matrix. It shows its importance in the analysis of theoretical physics models and grand unified theories that are related to these structures.
Integrated E8, Binary, Octonion An .html version of a .ppt (or .pps or .pdf) (15MB) that explains the detail of the content of Fano.pdf. It outlines the relationships in the integration of E8 with Octonions, Binary, Particles, NKS, and the Periodic Table of Elements.
splitFano.pdf Latest: 12/25/2015. A 241 page pdf file (15MB) with the 480 octonion permutations with Fano planes and multiplication tables, including the split octonion. These are organized into “flipped” and “non-flipped” pairs associated with the 240 assigned particles to E8 vertices. octonionG2-nonNull.pdf is a 481 page (15MB) file available that adds the G2 automorphisms for each multiplication table (including splits).
Octonion.nb A small Mathematica notebook for octonion math. It also has the ability to compare/contrast the more limited Mathematica based Quaternion logic as it applies to using the Cayley-Dickson doubling procedure for octonions.
DynkinParticleReductions.cdf Fully interactive paper discussing the potential to reduce the Standard Model to 8 elemental particles. This requires the free Mathematica CDF plugin (50Mb). If you don’t want to use CDF, here is a DynkinParticleReductions.pdf (25Mb).
ToEsummary.pdf A .pdf of the Mathematica notebook that summarizes how my ToE integrates the latest results from both the Planck spacecraft survey and the LHC Higgs discovery. It highlights minor changes to the original papers from ’98-’07 which predict an expanding (Hubble) and accelerating universe, as well as the Higgs boson.
ToE.pdf My ToE paper – full detail of a framework for a ToE based on a new look at fundamental constants, units-of-measure, and the dimensionality of time, mass, and charge. This version ToEnb.pdf. Here is the same paper above validated w/Mathematica
VisibLie_E8 vs. EPE Comparison of Lisi’s Elementary Particle Explorer (EPE) and ToE_Demonstration (above, aka. VisibLie_E8, E8Viewer, or E8Flyer)
E8Favorites.pdf “E8 Math, Science and Art” Gallery Exhibit. (10Mb) or on the web at E8 Art Prints
See Gallery.pdf for more “E8 Math, Science and Art” Gallery images. (6Mb)
What time is it.pdf A TheoryOfEverything in one .ppt slide
My Tools of the Trade I modified FormCalc to work on WinTel Mathematica platforms Mathematica’s PhysicalConstants.m organized w/ascending sort priority for fundamental, defined, measured, then derived values. Updated to 2010 CODATA and with the latest Higgs discovery. Includes new Units.m and PhysicalConstantErrrors.m to define fundamental measured physical constant std. errors also w/ascending sort priority for defined and smaller errors.

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  1. Really beautiful and complex multifaceted pictures. Generaly, simplification is the better course when defining a TOE. No matter what you may see out there the more convoluted it is the less accurate.
    If, at the bare-bones-level it doesn’t make sense and cannot be defined in a few succinct paragraphs then chances are it’s wrong.

    Michael Gary Jordan

  2. ■ Grand Unified Theory: The New Natural Perspective in the Mathematical & Scientific Unification of 4 Forces of the Universe – Bernard Rementilla.

    A New GUT Scientific & Mathematical Configuration(s) – The Riemann-Rementilla Non-Euclidean [Vector Duality Field Hyperdensity Matrix] Mathematics! – Bernard Rementilla



    The New Mathematical Approach to Correct & Consistent GUT: The Riemann-Rementilla Vector Field HD Matrix [Non-Euclidean] Mathematics

    This New Perspective of GUT [Its New Mathematical Configuration & Scientific Structuring ] as figured out briefly in this UPDATE Section, reconstructs the mathematical & scientific knowledge of current GUT Perspective into a complete, new Mathematical & Scientific Perspective(s) of a true GUT as exactly extracted from hidden laws of natural phenomena. The result is Theory of Everything (TOE). How? What? Why?

    That is, this GUT & TOE combined scientific & mathematical works termed as Nature’s Blueprint by Bernard Rementilla, a research mechanical engineer & thermodynamics professor in the Philippines. This Nature’s Blueprint, according to him, is basically a reconstructive, technical quantitative approach to extend GF Bernhard Riemann’s Positive Non-Euclidean Geometry into a Vector Field (Hyperdensity N-dimension of Dual Function) Matrix Mathematics that can extra-polate a 52-dimension Nature’s space-time-energy of the whole Cosmos, which is the key to extract 2 fields of the Universe: Energy Field & Force Field & the NEW HIDDEN 13 field constants, respectively: 13 Field Constants of Energy Field & 13 Field Constants of Force Field, totaling new 26 Vector Field Constants. Nature has these hidden new 26 Constants merged & harmonized into a 52-dimension Universe of dual complex hyperdensity space-time-energy; and so on.

    By Duality Law of Nature, these two major vector fields of Nature, & the 26 hidden new constants are the key to the correct path to the true GUT & TOE. The new extended version of GF Bernhard Riemann’s positve Non Euclidean Energy, termed the Riemann-Rementilla Vector Field (Hyperdensity-N-Dimension Dual Function) Matrix Non-Euclidean Mathematics, is what makes it technically, scientifically, & numerically possible by which the accurate formulation of the true Grand Unification Theory, & the exact configuration of the Theory of Everything are consistently integrated in the mathematically combined Energy Field & Force Field – embracing the totality of the Universe’s 52 dimensions that put life into every fundamental equation of Physics, Chemistry, & Biology. All of these are found & explained in the Nature’s Blueprint.

    This new Grand Unification Theory Perspective is only & solely based on Rementilla’s new configuration of the Theory of Everything he termed “Nature’s Blueprint” & is mathematically possible <> on account of this Blueprint’s 26 new unifying field constants, mathematically integrating both energy field & force field – the result is the unification of four (4) forces of Nature: gravity, weak & strong forces, & emf.

    Why Scientists & Mathematicians Fail to Configure the Correct GUT?

    According to Rementilla, it is the complete absence of the Energy Field & Force Field & their combined NEW Nature’s 26 unifying constants in the works of the scientists & mathematicians that make them hardly see the accurate configuration & formulation of nature’s GUT, hence, they have failed.

    What is the Value of this Nature’s Blueprint? Again, why all these new Perspective Approach to Understand a true GUT? Why?

    It is the complete key to SOLVE the climate change phenomena on Earth. The Final Law is what is needed to SOLVE Climate Change & save us all from imminent 6th Global Mass Extinction on Earth … – BBR.

  3. Until Gravity is understood, matter will not be defined. Gravity is not a ‘pull’, it is a ‘push’. It is an electro-dynamic response influenced by electromagnetism. It is a by-product of matter’s reality.

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